Molniya” Company was created in July 1990 as a Small State Enterprise (SSE Company), the founders of which were defense enterprises of the USSR.

By order the Prime Minister of the USSR Pavlov V.S. from 30 July 1991 SSE Company “Molniya” was transformed into the Scientific and Technical Production Association “Molniya” with the opening of branches in St.Petersburg sity, Kaliningrad city and Balashikha city in Moscow region.

After the collapse of the USSR, the enterprise was transformed into “Molniya” LLC.


The Company “Molniya” LLC performs the following types of work:

Utilization of various types of weapons (marine, aviation, missilery, armored vehicles and ammunition)

Dismantling of various large objects, including marine stationary rigs (offshore structure)

Develops and manufactures new types of powder pulsed fire extinguisher

Humanitarian mine clearance

Develops and produces new types of organic manure and mineral fertilizers

The Company “Molniya” LLC has long-term experience in these spheres and skilled, highly qualified staff.

Director of the “Molniya” LLC: VOLODYMYR VASYLIEV


1979 – Moscow Technical University named after N.E. Bauman.

Specialization: Designer of aircraft (Master Degree).

1983 – Moscow Technical University named after N.E. Bauman.

Specialization: Development of special explosive products with directed action and technologies for its using (Postgraduate study).

The main type of production activity:

Expertise of fires and explosions on ships, submarines, development of measures for the evacuation of people from submarines under construction, development of technologies for cutting various structures using a directed action explosion; development of technologies and provided control and management of process of the utilization of: ships, submarines, offshore drilling platforms, missiles aircrafts, ammunition, armored vehicles; development of fire equipment.

Working positions: from the adjuster  of radio equipment to the Head of the Scientific and Technical Association.

The most outstanding achievement:

Participation in commissions to investigate various accidents on ships and submarines (was a member of the government commission for investigation of the causes of the “Komsomolets” submarine crash).

Development of the methods and control managing of the utilization of ships and submarines with the help of the directed action explosion, managing of the utilization of military equipment (on behalf of the Prime Minister of the USSR)

Controlling and managing of the design, certification and promotion mini fire extinguishers “GNOM” and “CHANCE” on the markets of Ukraine, Vietnam, UAE, and Czech Republic.


Scientific and Inventive activities:

8 publications (the majority of publications are devoted to fire and explosion safety measures during the construction of ships); 15 patents for utility models and inventions (mainly two directions: mini powder fire extinguisher and commercial spacecraft).


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