From 1991 to 1994 the Company “Molniya” LLC  manufactured  “GNOM” fire mini-extinguishers

From 2007 to 2009 the Company “Molniya” LLC developed and manufactured “CHANCE” fire extinguishers (an advance model of the “GNOM” fire extinguishers), protected by patents of Ukraine No. 57557 and No. 1874 dated 16.06.2000 and Certificate for Trademark No. 112 689 dated 25.09.2009.

Small-sized multiuse powder fire extinguisher “SPAS” protected by patents of Ukraine No. 133352 dated 25.03.2019 and had been received international priority under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (international application number PCT/UA2019/000018, priority dated 17.01.2019).

The proposed development relates to portable small-sized powder fire extinguishing devices of a pistol type, can be used to extinguish the fires of solid and liquid substances, electrical installations with voltage up to 1000 V, cars, television and radio equipment in the initial stage of fire, indoor and outdoor areas using the extinguishing structure from a safe distance, in sea execution – mandatory equipment for motorboats, scooters, yachts and other classes of vessels. For the mining industry it may be used in a set of self-rescuers.

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