From 1991 to 1994 the Company “Molniya” LLC  manufactured  “GNOM” fire mini-extinguishers

Since February 2011 to February 2014 the Company “Molniya” LLC executes the work of humanitarian mine clearance of territory.

In 2004 the Company “Molniya” LLC has been developed composition “Complex organic manure and mineral fertilizers” based on salts of humic acids “VITA-FLORA”

The Company “Molniya” LLC has developed a complex technology for the utilization of military equipment, ships and other floating objects.

The Company “Molniya” LLC performs the following types of work:

Utilization of various types of weapons (marine, aviation, missilery, armored vehicles and ammunition)

Dismantling of various large objects, including marine stationary rigs (offshore structure)

Develops and manufactures new types of powder pulsed fire extinguisher

Humanitarian mine clearance

Develops and produces new types of organic manure and mineral fertilizers

The Company “Molniya” LLC has long-term experience in these spheres and skilled, highly qualified staff.

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