The Company “Molniya” LLC has developed a complex technology for the utilization of military equipment, ships and other floating objects.

The Company “Molniya” LLC has obtained the licenses No. 2, 3, 4, 5 from the USSR Cabinet of Ministers for these types of activities. Our Company has been developed technologies and have done practical work on the disposal of small-caliber ammunition (Russian Federation patent No. 204628 dated 16.08.1993) and large ammunition, including air bombs. Industrial testing of cutting technology by directional explosion of ships and submarines located in the shipyard has been developed and conducted on the territory of shipyards (4 submarines were cut in Mykolaiv, Kerch, in Crimea on Lake Donuzlav, Polyarnoye city Murmansk region). Works on utilization of aircraft technics (TU-16 bomber) has been done in Mykolaiv city.

In 1993 the Company “Molniya” LLC in conjunction with the Institute of Electric Welding named after Paton E.O. and the American corporation “CSMG” signed the constitutive documents on the creation of Joint Venture in Mykolaiv region for the utilization of ships with a tonnage capacity of 200 000 tons/year. In conjunction with the Institute of Electric Welding named after Paton E.O., the company had been developed and approved the technology of underwater explosive cutting and dismantling of stationary drilling platforms. In 1994, the Company “Molniya” LLC in conjunction with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic has developed a program for cleaning the Caspian Sea from stationary structures (drilling platforms, overpasses, old oil pipelines).

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